Healthcare Advisory Services Group

hospitalThe world of medicine is a challenging and ever-changing profession. As a medical professional, you will continue to educate yourself throughout your career with the latest in technology and treatments to help your patients. But who’s helping you? Who’s there to help make sure you have the correct plan in place to protect you and your practice? That’s where CDA Groups Physician Advisory Services Group comes in.

We understand the burden you shoulder as a medical professional. You’re an expert in your field. But do you know the pros and cons of consolidating your student loans, where to find and what to look for in disability and life insurance, tax minimization, or investment planning? At CDA Groups Physician Advisory Services Group, we specialize in bringing sophisticated planning strategies and techniques to the table with a highly trained team of experts in the fields of estate planning, insurance, investments and business solutions. We also call upon a comprehensive network of collateral professionals (such as attorneys, accountants, and bankers) so you don’t have to go searching for them yourself. By coordinating the services of all of these professionals we can help you achieve a vision for your wealth.

Wherever you are in your career, whether it’s paying off student loans, insuring you and your family, joining or establishing your own practice, or protecting your assets in a tax-efficient manner, we have the tools and the professionals to help see you through.

Debt and Cash Flow Management

Do you sometimes reflect back on a month, a quarter or a year and ponder, “Where did the money go?”  One year (or even several) of allowing your lifestyle to reach the upper level of your available income may not be a disaster, however, living at that maximum for a long period of time will most likely result in a failed or less than robust retirement plan.

We help many of our medical professional clients organize their finances to strike a healthy balance between their lifestyle, consumption and saving for a wide variety of life events such as children’s education, purchasing a vacation home, starting a business or eventually retiring. Our goal is to catch our newly credentialed physicians early (before the “serious” income dollars arrive!) and help them set up workable budgets that are productive and trackable within an integrated wealth accumulation and asset protection plan.