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Think You Have an Estate Plan? Think Again.

Have you done an estate plan? Do you even need one? You may believe that they have an estate plan simply because you have met with an attorney and have had documents drawn; but seeing an attorney does not (in itself) an estate plan make. Why? Because an estate plan neither begins nor ends with– Read More

Keep it between the uprights!

In some regard, the desired approach to retirement planning is comparable to the game of football. Among the many members of the organization, there are two critical personnel that everyone typically recognizes: the first, of course, being the coach, and the second being the place kicker. The place kicker’s job is to put the football– Read More

Welcome To The New CDA Group Website!

  We are excited to welcome you to the new CDA Group website. It is our hope that the new design will help you discover and navigate the various financial solutions that we offer. Our goal is to examine your priorities and develop planning objectives, resulting in the development of a custom designed vision which– Read More

What Happened to My Social Security?

If you are 62 or older as of December 31, 2015 you have less than six months to react to changes in Social Security claiming strategies that will result in more retirement income for you and your spouse. When the Senior Citizens Freedom to Work Act of 2000 was passed by Congress it created new– Read More