Business Solutions

Owning a business can be very rewarding, but it requires the business owner to deal with the complexities of legal structure, tax law, succession, employee benefits, leverage, recruitment, and retention of key personnel – to mention only a few of the looming challenges. At CDA Group, we bring 20 years of experience to bear in helping closely-held business owners grow and protect their valuable business assets, providing solutions to their most pressing challenges. Whether you take advantage of one of our individual business solutions or all of them in the context of a business or exit planning study, you’ll find that it’s all here and we’re here to help.


At CDA Group, we believe that successful tax planning is an essential component to financial management. We offer both Personal Tax Return preparation as well as Small Business Tax preparation. Our Entity Tax Return preparation includes 1120-S, 1120-C, 1065, 1041, 990, 709 and multi-state returns. We offer quarterly estimated tax payments calculations. In the case of S-Corporation Election, there is both planning and guidance provided for correct filing. For new businesses, we offer both business and LLC formation consultations. In the event of an audit, our office provides guidance and representation, along with notice review and response.

One of the best ways to ensure effective tax planning is to have all of your accounting in order. CDA Group offers bookkeeping services and financial statement preparation for your company, whether monthly, quarterly, or annually. If bookkeeping services are already in place, we offer a thorough analysis of your current processes, as well as an overall accounting consultation. Our comprehensive payroll services encompass officer compensation in addition to employee compensation. We also offer Quickbooks assistance and sales tax preparation. When it comes to accounting, we pride ourselves in our refined method of paperless storage of financial data and receipts.

Exit Planning

Regardless of the way you got into business, it is essential that you are able to answer three critical questions related to getting out:

  1. When do you want to go?
  2. Whom do you want to sell (or give) it to?
  3. How much do you want (or need) for your many years of entrepreneurial effort?

According to Small Business Association, “At any given time, 40 percent of U.S. businesses are facing the transfer of ownership issue” and “the primary cause for failure…is lack of planning. With the right plans in place, the business, in most cases, will remain healthy.”

Through our planning process for business owners – the Seven-Step Business Exit Planning Process™ – we partner with our clients to set their goals, define the gaps, build business value, and coordinate the business with their personal finances, with the ultimate goal of guiding them through the sale process and seeing them through from here to happily ever after.

It can take up to 10 years to prepare a business for profitable sale or succession: the time to plan is closer than you think. We can help.

Business Valuation

A privately owned business is often its owner’s most valuable asset. Most owners do not know what their businesses are worth. A 2010 study by SPARDATA Value Advisors found only 1 in 10 owners accurately estimated (within 5%) their company’s value. The median error was 58.9% with some owners erring by 1,000%! You can’t afford to make that kind of error.

Business Continuity

When was the last time you reviewed your stock restriction or operating agreement? Do you even have one? Are you adequately prepared for the death, disability, bankruptcy or separation of yourself or one of your fellow stockholders or business partners? Have you provided written instructions to your spouse, children or key personnel about who to call and what to do in the event of your premature death, so as to allow the business to get through this difficult interim period? We can help.

With 20 years experience helping business owners like you plan for the unplanned, and a sophisticated network of planning and administrative resources, we can help you solve your most troubling business continuity problems.

Executive Benefits

A business owner has the ability to earn compensation at two levels in the operation of the business: the first is for professional services rendered, and the second is for putting capital at risk. Are you working with the right business structure, and are these two compensation components properly balanced to optimize the tax benefits to you and your company? Your business can provide some wonderful benefits on a tax-advantaged basis: Are you aware of your options?

Corporate Record Management

It’s one thing to have good intent, it’s another to meet both the spirit and the letter of the law. Whereas it will vary state-by-state and also by type of corporate entity used,  in order to take full advantage of the various advantages afforded the typical corporate envelope, it is essential to maintain detailed and regular corporate records the most important of which are corporate minutes. Whether it be to defend an IRS audit or plaintiffs in a lawsuit both the stockholders and officers in a corporation need to stand ready to show documentation of regular meetings, discussions, and critical decisions related to the proper running of the business. Here at CDA Group, we assist our business clients in inventorying and updating their critical business documents such as buy-sell agreements, articles of incorporation/organization, corporate minutes and, where necessary, connect them with qualified advisors and vendors to bring their corporate records management up to appropriate standards.