Investment Management Strategies

At CDA Group, our conversation with you never begins with a look at your investment capital and current allocation: this discussion only happens at the end of a client study. While it is often the reason prospective clients approach us, it is too easy for this cultural juggernaut to become the only aspect of a client’s estate or business structure that receives attention. Detaching this piece of the financial picture from the misinformation that often engulfs it, and then viewing it in relation to the other pieces of the financial picture and the client’s overall vision and goals. Our goal is to help the client find the best investment solutions in a way that an isolated and impersonal investment discussion never could.

How, how much, and in what you should invest, are only answerable questions after you can first articulate: what am I trying to achieve with this money? And we can help with that.

Asset Allocation Alternatives

We have several important planning mantras here at CDA Group, and one of the most important is: always protect the ground you have already gained. It is essential that an effective asset protection plan is in place BEFORE a defining event happens.  Any effort after the fact is not only discoverable (in a court of law), it is considered an act of “fraudulent conveyance” and often overturned by the courts.  As a practicing physician, “med-mal” is only one area of risk management you need to consider.

As you divide your wealth you need to be conscious of the fact that the more wealth you have (or are perceived to have), the higher profile a target you are for a frivolous lawsuit.  At CDA Group, we make it our practice of not only educating our clients on both possible and active asset protections measures, but we also make every effort to help our clients think through the consequences of unforeseen events and adapt their planning now so that they and their families will be protected in the future.

Tax Management

Why pay more for income, gift, or estate taxes than you have to? At CDA Group, we provide insight and guidance on income tax reduction strategies.  We evaluate the use of qualified plans, life insurance, mortgage alternatives and the myriad of legitimate tax deductions that can be used to reduce income tax exposure. In the area of gift and estate tax, we educate our clients on the terminology and methodology of how to reduce or eliminate  taxes while at the same time maintaining control of your assets.

Remember, on the short list there are three beneficiaries for your estate: your heirs, charity, and the IRS – we suggest you select only two of these. For those of our clients who are charitably inclined, we show them the most tax-efficient methods to donate to their favorite charities.

Cash Flow Review

Do you sometimes reflect back on a month, a quarter or a year and ponder, “Where did the money go?”  One year (or even several) of allowing your lifestyle to reach the upper level of your available income may not be a disaster, however, living at that maximum for a long period of time will most likely result in a failed or less than robust retirement plan. We help many of our medical professional clients organize their finances to strike a healthy balance between their lifestyle, consumption and saving for a

wide variety of life events such as children’s education, purchasing a vacation home, starting a business or eventually retiring. When we are able to catch our newly credentialed physicians early (before the “serious” income dollars arrive!) we help them set up workable budgets that are painless, productive and trackable within an integrated wealth accumulation and asset protection plan.  The result is a less stressful and more enjoyable lifestyle for the entire family, and most importantly, peace of mind.

Retirement Planning

Although everyone claims to provide “retirement planning” today, we seek to set ourselves apart by putting our extensive, customized communication vehicles, and leading edge technology to bear in working as your financial coach to create a retirement solution that is right for you, your spouse and family, and your goals. we utilize our own expertise and our extensive resource network to bring you the best solutions to achieving your retirement goals including; laddered investment strategies, sophisticated will and trust structuring (CDAG does not engage in legal work: we work with collateral professionals), charitable planned giving and legacy solutions, insurance and Long-Term Care solutions, multi-generational family wealth planning, proven business exit planning and succession solutions, and more. CDAG does not stop at only helping you identify the right strategy for you: as your financial coach, we strive to help you keep your decisions and behavior regarding your wealth and investments on track so it is possible to achieve the results you want. Once the plan is laid, our goal is to provide discipline throughout your retirement journey.

Asset Organization & Tracking

When was the last time you conducted a thorough inventory of your assets and how they are titled between you, your spouse, and/or other family members?  Do you track the growth (or lack thereof) of your various asset classes and liabilities to measure progress, money and taxes to ensure your wealth accumulation plan is “on track?” Can you conveniently lay your hands on critical documents such as employer benefit entitlement statements, life insurance policies, tax returns, financial statements and other important legal documents?

The organization, management, and tracking of our client’s assets are one of the hallmarks of the CDA Group planning process.  By utilizing cutting-edge technology (The Capital Wealth Management Platform℠), we provide our clients a way to organize their estate (especially their assets) in order to evaluate their progress.  This program allows them to conveniently retrieve critical financial information and, in the event of an unforeseen calamity