Risk Management Insurance Services

As a part of our goal to provide comprehensive estate and business solutions, we are pleased to provide our clients with a palate of customized insurance solutions to meet the challenges of their particular situation. We work with a variety of highly-rated insurance carriers to negotiate the best rates for our clients and to maximize a carrier’s strengths for a client’s particular situation and needs. As an impartial third-party, we are ideally positioned to help you make the best decision for you, your family, and your business. We facilitate the entire process for our clients: educating them about the types and uses of insurance; overseeing the application and underwriting process, handling paperwork and interfacing with each carrier; analyzing each offer with the client against their overall estate or business goals, and assisting in the decision-making process.

Human Life Value Services

We assist clients with disability, life (term and whole), long-term care, and buy-sell insurance in creating innovative insurance solutions. In particular, we help clients employ whole life insurance to full advantage in their wealth planning efforts. Whole life is an often-overlooked and under-employed asset class that – with the proper structure and planning – can become for the holder more than just a prudent safety-net. It can become a secure and proven investment element that can fit into the overall financial structure to reach its full potential for the client over his lifetime.

Product Sourcing

For clients who take advantage of our insurance services within one of our comprehensive estate or business studies, the CDA Group team will integrate the products acquired into the whole estate or business structure with the goal of making the insurance solution reached fit seamlessly into a plan to achieve the client’s financial goals.

Asset Class Integration

As a rule, assets can be generally divided into several major groups including business interests, cash, traditional investment securities (both qualified and nonqualified), real estate (both residential and commercial), and finally cash value life insurance. Each one of these asset classes has its own unique liquidity, tax, and performance characteristics and it is important to have the flexibility to draw upon these selectively, based upon the existing economic conditions in your particular stage in life. Learning how to integrate the accumulation and the spending of these assets is essential to minimizing taxes, reducing risk, and optimizing the return and economic efficiency of them. Too much wealth concentrated in one asset class can, and often does, create tremendous difficulties in meeting comfortable retirement income cash flows.

Income Replacement

For most, the largest asset they will ever own is the present value of their unearned future income. During the working years, it is imperative to take the necessary steps to protect this very valuable asset. A common approach is to use disability income insurance. Although many employers do provide some element of this type of insurance, it is often insufficient in terms of replacing after-tax income and, more importantly, it typically isn’t portable and is not available to move with you from job to job. At CDA Group, we have sourcing arrangements with most of the major disability insurance providers and help our clients sort through the many choices available to them and assist them in tailoring the product to their particular professional specialty.

Employer Provided Benefit Coordination

During your working years, you may be fortunate enough to work for one or more employers that provide a generous benefits program. All too often, however, selecting exactly what benefits to take advantage of oneself and/or for other family members can be daunting. Particularly critical is proper decision-making on how to balance company provided insurance benefits against those that are acquired on a personal level and afford the individual a higher level of portability as career changes occur. The typical human resource department is not equipped to offer individually customized advice on critical decisions relating to life insurance, individual disability insurance, it’s long-term care insurance, and how to coordinate retirement plan offering selections with other personally acquired nonqualified investments. At CDA Group, we help our clients sort through the myriad employer offerings evaluating the cost and utility of these offerings against those that can and often should be acquired privately. Our investment advisors provide advice on how to select the best combination of both qualified and nonqualified investment options to minimize cost and risk and optimize the performance of the overall investment effort.