CDA Team

Our Team Approach

At many brokerage houses, insurance agencies, or financial planning firms, your broker, agent, or planner is the only person who handles your account. Each individual has his own book of business that is his exclusively, and it often contains hundreds upon hundreds of clients and accounts. Giving his full attention to any one of them on a regular basis may be difficult, so the burden might fall on your shoulders when you have questions, want to make changes, or wish to meet to review your accounts: the burden of innovation and leadership lies with you.

Joseph D. Schofield, III


As CEO of the firm, Joe has over 23 years of professional experience in advising high net worth families and business owners. His primary responsibilities include advising clients on investment policy development, portfolio construction, asset allocation, risk management and wealth and estate transfer planning. Joe leads the Investment Management Committee at CDA Group that is responsible for the portfolio construction, evaluation and management, quantitative and qualitative selection of third party equity and fixed income portfolio managers.

J. Kent Giguere, Jr.

COO/Partner, CFP®, ChFC®

As COO of the firm, Kent guides clients through our Capital Wealth Management Solution (CWMS). Our six-step process explores a client’s current personal and professional planning needs by creating a comprehensive balance sheet, which is then used as road map to explore retirement planning options, tax planning opportunities, estate transfer strategies and asset protection. As a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Financial Consultant, Kent leads the Financial Planning Committee at CDA Group which is responsible for the development and implementation of all planning recommendations while working closely with outside attorneys, accountants and third party administrators.

Steven Bright

Private Wealth Manager

As Private Wealth Manager, Steven has over 10 years of experience assisting individuals and business owners in comprehensive financial planning. Focusing on risk management and asset protection, Steven works with the CDA Group team to implement investment and planning advice intended to help clients achieve their wealth accumulation goals.

Amanda Henderson

Operations Manager

Amanda is responsible for staffing, operations and technology for the firm. Her role is essential in helping the CDA Group team retain top employee talent, a culture that emphasizes training and development and keeping the CDA Group brand sharp.

Candice Armstrong

Tax Professional

As Tax Professional, Candice’s experience and education lends her the reputation for helping clients through tough accounting and tax situations. Working with the CDA team, Candice offers tax planning, preparation, and full accounting services to help clients achieve their wealth goals from start to finish at CGA Group. Being an Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service and a licensed attorney in the state of South Carolina affords her the ability to remain up-to-date on the latest tax laws and updates all the while keeping clients compliant.

Anna Wolford


Anna supports the CDA Group team with planning and support by developing preliminary recommendations for clients. Additionally, Anna is responsible for the data planning software, data gathering and expertly composing meeting debriefings and correspondence to clients.

Rebekah Blake

Insurance Support Specialist

Rebekah coordinates the insurance underwriting process and handles all service requests. She collaborates with the CDA Group team, clients and carriers to ensure a smooth and efficient underwriting experience.